Vitamins and supplements are a boon for mankind. They can live healthier and happier lives owing to these tablets, capsules and syrups. However, like the two sides of the same coin, even vitamins and supplements have advantages and disadvantages as discussed earlier. Thus, making an informed and wise decision shall help you enjoy the advantages of vitamins and supplements and avoid their disadvantages. The following suggestions might be helpful to you while making a choice:

  • Please consult a doctor or a dietician before you start consuming vitamins and supplements. He/she shall be able to prescribe the correct dosages and the correct choices of vitamins and supplements keeping in mind your body’s requirements and any other medicines consumed by you.
  • Please do not mix up your medicines. If you’re already under medication or you already consume a certain type of vitamins and supplements, and you start consuming a new set of vitamins and supplements without considering your current medications, then complexities may arise. The different medications can react among themselves and pose threats to your body.
  • Avoid the ones made from synthetic sources as they are not healthy for the body. Choose from the ones made naturally from food sources.
  • Do not trust the retailers blindly. They tend to misguide you by making false advertisements of their products. Make an informed decision about compositions of their products.
  • Often, you will find retailers claiming that their products cure diseases completely. Please do realize that vitamins and supplements cannot cure you completely of a particular disease. They can only improve your health by giving your body the strength to combat with the disease if you get it. They can also protect your body from the disease.
  • Follow the dosages prescribed by the doctor. Overdoses and insufficient doses of vitamins and supplements can make things go south.