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    Boosts your nutrition, by adding the essential nutrients to your diet. For instance, vegetarians find it difficult to incorporate Vitamin B12 in their diet owing to their food habits. Vitamins and supplements help them fulfill this demand.

  • They help in combating chronic diseases. For example, fish oil supplements help lowering blood pressure and triglycerides, thus decreasing risks of heart problems.
  • They provide the essential nutrients required by people who have recovered from fatal injuries and diseases. These strengthen their body.
  • Nutrients play in important role in building your immune system. Thus, if your body lacks them because of an improper diet, resort to vitamins and supplements to help you out.
  • There are special formulas of vitamins and supplements available nowadays, owing to advancements in medical science, to cater to your needs. Thus, a pregnant women, an arthritis patient, sufferer of depression or body pain or stomach problems- everyone can be benefitted through vitamins and supplements. Just make sure you make the right choice. Consult a doctor for perfect advices.
  • Suppose you fail to have a balanced diet, and chamomile is lacking in your body. You start suffering from stomach problems, sore throat and lack of sleep. It is then that vitamins and supplements come to your rescue. The missing nutrient chamomile, when added in your body through supplements, shall help in curing your problems.
  • For workaholics, work is worship, and everything comes afterwards- even the needs of their bodies. They fail to have a balanced diet owing to lack of time. Vitamins and supplements, if popped down into your body, shall fulfill your body’s needs without you having to worry about your food habits.
  • Comes in easily consumable ways. Chewable tablets, capsules, liquid syrups- choose whatever you like!


  • Wrong dosages, overdoses, wrong choice of vitamins and supplements shall cause adverse effects on the body. Hence, consult a registered medical practitioner before you start consuming them. Also, please remember that nothing can be better than a balanced diet. Consume vitamins and supplements only if absolutely necessary.
  • If, due to consumption of vitamins and supplements, excess fat-soluble vitamins start getting stored into your body, then your body shall stand at the risk of facing hazards. For instance, excess of Vitamin A stored into your body shall cause Hypervitaminosis A.
  • In most of the cases, these vitamins and supplements are expensive.
  • Avoid taking synthetic compositions of vitamins and supplements as our body finds it difficult to absorb them. Choose from the ones made from food sources, as natural compositions are easily taken in by our body.