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What are Vitamins and Supplements

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Vitamins and essential nutrients: The human body requires many essential nutrients for its proper functioning and growth. Some can be synthesized by itself and the rest have to be taken externally through food. These nutrients taken externally are called vitamins. Vitamins are organic…


Some vital suggestions for you in terms of vitamins and supplements

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Vitamins and supplements are a boon for mankind. They can live healthier and happier lives owing to these tablets, capsules and syrups. However, like the two sides of the same coin, even vitamins and supplements have advantages and disadvantages as discussed earlier. Thus,…


Pros and Cons of Vitamins and Suppliments

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Pros: Boosts your nutrition, by adding the essential nutrients to your diet. For instance, vegetarians find it difficult to incorporate Vitamin B12 in their diet owing to their food habits. Vitamins and supplements help them fulfill this demand. They help in combating chronic…

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